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Enroll in EF’s Chinese courses in China and study in an ancient nation with an inspiring modern society.

China has some of the most fascinating ancient history in the world, yet its people are focused squarely on the future. China is the world’s most populous nation, with over one billion people calling the country home. This rising young superpower is racing towards the future and the ambitious and proud Chinese people are all aglow about it. Entire cities pop up here in the time it takes other countries to build a single building, and masses of young Chinese are leaving the vast countryside for the promise of the coastal metropolises. And despite the push towards the ultra-modern, ancient China’s majestic heritage still remains. Enroll in our Chinese courses in China and embark on an epic adventure. Walk in the footsteps of emperors in Beijing’s Forbidden City. Sip cups of traditional tea in the shadow of Shanghai’s booming skyscrapers and step into ancient China atop the spectacular Great Wall.

Consider a Chinese course in China at our Beijing or Shanghai language schools.

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