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Costa Rica

Enroll in EF’s Spanish courses in Costa Rica and discover a country with pristine beaches, lush rainforest jungles and an endless array of wildlife.

Once a hidden gem, Costa Rica is now a major destination for adventure lovers and beach bums alike. Eco-tourism is a major economic engine with the government pledging to make Costa Rica the world’s first carbon neutral country. Local culture is a mash up of Latin American and cowboy influences, with many Costa Ricans eating gallo pinto for breakfast and attending rodeos in the evening. Enroll in EF’s Spanish courses in Costa Rica and discover how this little slice of Central America fits a dizzying array of landscapes into a relatively small territory. Surfer-filled beaches are minutes from jungles teeming with howler monkeys and rainbow-beaked toucan birds. Organic coffee plantations brush shoulders with dramatic waterfalls and raft-able river rapids. Active volcanoes spout plumes of smoke just off the horizon from almost any vantage point, and sea turtles bury their eggs in full view of sunbathing tourists.

Consider a Spanish course in Costa Rica at our Playa Tamarindo language school.

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