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Why not learn French in Paris or in Nice? Oh la la! Our centrally-located schools and French language courses will teach you how to learn French correctly and efficiently while experiencing a truly vibrant culture. The best way to master pronunciation and idioms is to immerse yourself in daily French life, so take advantage of this opportunity and inquire about the best way to learn French today.

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French is an International Language

French may be one of the world's most beautiful languages, but did you know that it is also one of the world's most important? French is one of the official languages of the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee, and the Red Cross, making it essential it for anyone involved in international relations, business, or humanitarianism to take a French language course. Additionally, people from Canada to Haiti to North Africa speak French, so if you take some form of French lessons, you will be learning a genuinely international language. Come to Paris or Nice and learn French while you immerse yourself in this dynamic culture.

The best way to learn French

When you learn French with us, you can choose whether you want to live and study in Paris or Nice. In Paris, practice your French pronunciation among cosmopolitan Parisians. Enrich your knowledge of art at the Louvre, or practice your conversational French over breakfast at a sidewalk cafe. In Nice, you will learn French while nestled between the blue sea and the Alpine foothills. Our intensive French language courses and lessons give you a solid foundation that you'll strengthen day by day. You'll enjoy speaking with native French speakers as you explore Nice's famous beaches and shops on your own, or with classmates from other countries.

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