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Learn German in Germany

Learn German in Germany and experience amazing cuisine and even more unbelievable people. Take advantage of our intensive German language courses in Germany, while getting to know the citizens better than you ever could as a tourist. You'll be studying German in a German-speaking environment every day, putting everything you learn in your course to use right away. What could be better?

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Study German in Germany

A German language course in Germany is perfect if you want to learn German grammar, vocabulary, and idiom quickly and accurately. German pronunciations and long compound words can sometimes cause learners to stumble, but if you study German in Germany, you will be surrounded by knowledgeable German speakers every day. You will pick up better pronunciation from hearing it all around you, and you will see that those intimidatingly long words are simply several smaller (and often more common) words placed together. With Germany's re-emergence as a major world economic power, it pays to learn German in Germany.

German Language School in Germany

When you study at a German language school in Germany, you learn a skill that you can put to good use. Put German clients at ease by conversing with them in their native language and read German-language authors such as Goethe and Kafka without losing meaning in translation. Understand the lyrics of famous operas and the dialog of art-house movies. Learning German in Germany will not only improve your German skills, but allow you insight into the daily life and vibrant culture of Germany. Because German is widely spoken in Central and Eastern Europe, taking a German language course in Germany will surely pay off.