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Language Schools in Chicago

Learn English in Chicago and explore one of the largest American cities not along the coast. Chicago is not the most common city for English learners to think of, but that just makes it all the more fascinating for the intrepid student. Studying English in Chicago is a uniquely American experience.
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Learn English in Chicago

Learn English in Chicago, one of America's largest cities and the biggest city in the Midwest. You won't feel landlocked in this trendy city: nestled on the edge of Lake Michigan, you can take advantage of the beach in the summertime and lakeside views all year. Chicago has historically had a thriving jazz music scene, and this tradition continues with plenty of clubs and bars showcasing all types of jazz musicians. While you're out, sample some deep-dish pizza, a regional favorite that is contrasted to New York's thin crust pizza. You'll eat, dance, and chat your way through the city when you study English in Chicago.

The right class for you

It doesn't matter how long you've taken language classes when you come to study English in Chicago, we'll find the perfect course for you. Not only will you be put in the right level based on your skills, you can also choose how rigorous a schedule you'd like to keep. Our most popular option is the intensive course, but we also have general courses that leave you a more open schedule for exploring Chicago on your own. You can even take an exam prep course to get ready for college entrance exams or proficiency tests. No matter what your goal is for your English skills, you'll be working towards it when you learn English in Chicago.