EF Academy Safe Learning Promise 2020

Standing by parents and students every step of the way

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We stand by our community

When the world is affected by extraordinary circumstances, we must protect what we value most: our community. Our Safe Learning Promise is our commitment to you.

Nothing should get in the way of your child’s education. Giving your child the opportunity to study abroad in high school is key to raising a globally minded citizen prepared to take on our uncertain future, and we’re here for you every step of the way to make that happen.

Our promise

Our Safe Learning Promise will ensure you feel confident, safe and supported on every part of your journey with EF Academy.

Your safety, our priority

We understand that parents may be concerned about sending their children overseas at this time, so this is our most important promise: Your child’s safety will be our top priority. Our on-site Health Center staff are expertly trained to care for students' physical and emotional health and support medical needs. All students will be required to present a clean Certification of Health in advance of their departure to school. Our schools are fulfilling the safety measures required by their respective local governments and health authorities to ensure the safety of our community. We have created additional health protocols that address a range of possible scenarios related to student health. Your child’s safety is our primary concern, and we will continue to adapt our plan of action to the changing situation to ensure this. You can find more details about our health safety measures in the FAQs below.

A dedicated support network
Whether on campus or in your home country, our families receive an extensive level of support through every part of their journey with us. Regular updates from our Heads of Schools and parent webinars will give parents the chance to be in touch with school staff. No matter whether you are studying online or from campus, our Pathway Managers are responsible for closely monitoring individual students’ academic and personal growth, and they prioritize making themselves available to students and parents whenever they need help. We endeavor to ensure parents feel as close to their child and to our school as possible, for which our Admissions Consultants in 24 countries around the world are prepared to provide even more local support to parents in their home country and native language. Your school staff and local Admissions Consultants are here for you, and will be available for your every need. Rest assured that you can reach out to us at any time.

School starts in September 2020 no matter what
We guarantee every one of our students’ education. Rest assured our schools will start in September for the new academic year, ready to welcome new and returning students and begin the year strong. We are prepared to start the year both face-to-face and online for those who need it, making sure that every student starts their school year on time and nobody misses out. 

Learning without limits – Your education guaranteed.
Our schools successfully conducted an entire term of teaching online this year, and we’re devoted to staying at the forefront of education in both face-to-face and online learning. Students who can’t travel in September will start the year with EF Academy online and follow their courses virtually until they are able to join us on campus. All of our academic programs and university guidance will be available online.

Come to campus when you’re ready
We understand circumstances might get in the way of some students travelling to campus in September. For this reason, we will offer regular campus intake dates during the fall semester. It is a family’s choice as to when the right time for their child to join us on campus is, and until then they will continue to receive class credits through our online learning program. Our regular orientation days will ensure students who arrive at campus later on don’t miss a thing. No matter your situation, we are here for you and committed to supporting you in any scenario.

Tailored tuition and fees
We will adapt our tuition fees to reflect each student’s individual situation. Students who start the academic year online will receive adjusted rates accordingly. Please see details below.

Cancellation fees
In order to give you peace of mind in committing to our program, we waive any applicable cancellation fees for cancellations received up until 30 June 2020.
Online learning
In case your child has to start the school year from home attending online lessons, we will refund or credit all accommodation fees as well as 25% of your paid tuition fees on a pro-rated basis for the time studied from home.

Adapted admissions
Our Admissions team is prepared to accommodate adjustments to our application process based on individual circumstances. Applications by families who cannot provide certain documentation on time – such as official school transcripts – will still be accepted. In these cases, we will give more importance to students’ interviews when making a decision, and documentation that is difficult to obtain can be submitted later on.


Let us put your mind at ease by answering some questions you might have. Our FAQs are updated frequently to provide accurate information on the most current situation.

Download our full FAQ's here: UK school FAQ, US school FAQ.


Will the campuses open in September?
We plan to have all of our campuses open in time for the start of the new school year in September and are working closely with local authorities to make sure that we can achieve this. We are implementing additional safety measures – detailed in this FAQ – to support student health and safety in all aspects of school and residential life.

Will there be online class options?
Students who are unable to travel to campus in September will be able to start the year with EF Academy online. For the fall term, teachers will create online versions of the lesson plans they use in class so students can progress with their studies at the same pace as if they were on campus. Students will have access to the same assignments and learning material as they would on campus, and teachers will set aside time each week to schedule calls with any students who need individual support.

What if I can’t travel to campus in September? Can I arrive late?
During the fall term, we will have regular intake dates for students who join us after September. Each intake will go through an orientation program similar to the one we have at the beginning of the year so that no student misses out. Students who cannot be on campus in September will start their program via online learning and progress in this way until they can travel to join us at school. 

What if I can’t get a visa in time?
If your visa is delayed, you can begin your year through online learning and we will welcome you to campus as soon as your visa arrives. We strongly recommend that you prepare the documentation needed for your visa application as early as possible to ensure you receive your visa on time. For more information on what you can prepare now, please contact your local Admissions Office. 

Academics (online)

Will the classes be available in my time zone?
Our online learning program combines synchronous and asynchronous teaching. Since teachers and students will be spread across a multitude of time zones, it won’t always be possible for both to be connected at the same time. Asynchronous lessons will allow students to complete lessons in their own time and keep a schedule that works for them. Alongside these lessons, synchronous activities will support the learning and socio-emotional wellbeing of students through real-time engagements with teachers, Pathway Managers, university advisors and other school staff. Students will be given a deadline with every assignment so teachers can track that they are keeping up with their coursework.

Will you offer university guidance online?

Yes, our university guidance program will be available as part of our online learning program. Students will receive the same information sessions and assignments as their peers on campus and be able to schedule one-to-one appointments with a university guidance counsellor to discuss their university goals.

How will I get supported by my teachers online?

Our teachers aim to provide the same support to students at home as in the classroom. They will keep track of each student’s academic performance through weekly assignments and provide timely feedback. In addition to syllabus materials and lesson recordings, they will share additional resources to assist students’ independent learning. If a student falls behind with an assignment, their teacher will reach out to them to offer additional guidance. Teachers will reserve several hours every week for video calls with students learning online, so students can reach out to teachers outside of class – just as they would on campus.


What are the processes and measures you will implement for arrival to campus to ensure health and safety of our students when they are flying in from all over the world?
All students will be required to present a clean Certification of Health, declaring a negative COVID-19 test result, before leaving their home country. Students will be required to wear a mask when out of their dorm room and in communal areas, enhanced cleaning regimes will be implemented across the school and temperature monitoring will be introduced into daily routines. Students will receive detailed instructions on our protocols - detailed below - as soon as they arrive at school. 

UK Protocol
US Protocol

What will be the daily health check procedure for students?
Our staff on campus will be caring closely for students, so that any possible illness is swiftly detected and acted upon. Our Health Center is well stocked with personal protective equipment. Hand sanitizer will be available in throughout campus and students will be required to disinfect before entering. 

What is the protocol if a student displays COVID-19 symptoms?
Our staff will be on the alert for symptoms that resemble those of COVID-19, so any illness can be swiftly detected and acted upon. Students showing symptoms will be moved into isolation immediately.

Program Fees

If the program starts online (and I arrive on campus later) will I get my money back/credited for (unused) accommodation?
In case your child has to start the school year from home attending online lessons, we will refund or credit all accommodation fees on a pro-rated basis for the time studied from home.

If I am unable to come to campus and do my studies online, how will that affect my tuition fees?
In case your child has to start the school year from home attending online lessons, we will refund or credit all accommodation fees as well as 25% of your paid tuition fees on a pro-rated basis for the time studied from home.

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