Gap year programmes abroad

Taking a gap year abroad will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. We provide a variety of gap year opportunities abroad that help you strengthen your foreign language skills and provide a better understanding of other cultures. Our international gap year programmes allow you to step outside your comfort zone and experience personal growth.

EF Languages Abroad

16 + years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 10 languages in 50 destinations. Start any Monday.
Destination: FranceSpainCosta RicaItalyGermanyJapanKorea

EF Language Year Abroad

16 + years
6, 9 or 11 months
Combine language and academic studies at a school abroad. Prepare for an official language exam and gain work experience.
Destination: FranceSpainCosta RicaItalyGermanyJapanKorea

Why take a gap year abroad?

A gap year abroad is one of the most effective ways to learn a new language. By being fully immersed in your language courses and relying on them in your day-to-day life, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your language skills at an exponential rate. No matter where you decide to study, a gap year abroad will teach you to appreciate local cultures as well as the international cultures that you will be exposed to throughout the year. During your gap year abroad, you will experience countless new things, from taking on new challenges each day, to learning more about yourself and the world.

Gap year ideas and projects

There are a variety of options to choose from when you decide to enroll in our gap year programmes. By operating schools in 9 different destinations, we provide an endless amount of gap year ideas that would excite any student. When deciding which gap year programme is right for you, try to find a destination that provides the best opportunity for personal growth. For example, if a destination makes you feel uneasy, try to think of the positive benefits that come from stepping outside of your comfort zone. By the time you finish your gap year programme abroad, you will feel comfortable in almost any environment.