Korean summer camp

Attending a summer camp in Korea is a memorable way to spend your yearly vacation. We have Summer Camps to suit both high school and university students looking to experience Korean culture and develop their career prospects at the same time. To do something more meaningful with your next summer break, get in touch today to find out about our summer camps in Korea.

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Destination: Korea

Summer camp in Korea

We have Summer Camps in Korea designed specifically to develop your vocational skills. If you’re a college student, attending one of our Summer camps will help you lead the path to an international career. Not only will you be able to learn Korean in the bustling capital of Seoul, but you’ll also have the chance to take on an internship or volunteer work, too. If you want to work for a Korean company after graduating from University, our summer camps will equip you with the fluency and industry knowledge that you need to succeed.

Spending your summer at a summer camp in Seoul

In Summer, the temperatures in Seoul are turned up to the max. After spending your days at our Summer Camp, you can enjoy pleasant balmy evenings exploring the city’s buzzing nightlife. Whether you’d rather sip cocktails in a jazzy rooftop bar in Gangnam or catch some local music in Hongdae, you’ll never be bored in Seoul. During your days off, head to a coffee shop and try bingsu: a sweet shaved ice dessert which is Korea’s favourite Summer snack. You can also enjoy the nearby beaches of Gangwon-do or do water sports along the Han River. Seoul is a vibrant city all year round but really comes to life in the hot summer months. Make this summer one you won’t forget and attend a Summer camp in Seoul.