German student exchange programmes

A German student exchange programme is an excellent way to gain fluency while enjoying some time abroad. German is one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe and is a practical skill in many fields. We offer German student exchange programmes for short and long periods and for people of different ages.

EF Languages Abroad

16 + years
2-24 weeks
Learn a language faster at an accredited EF school. Choose from 10 languages in 50 destinations. Start any Monday.
Destination: Germany

EF Language Year Abroad

16 + years
6, 9 or 11 months
Combine language and academic studies at a school abroad. Prepare for an official language exam and gain work experience.
Destination: Germany

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German exchange

Your German student exchange programme gives you a major advantage in Europe. German has more native speakers than any other language in the European Union. Additionally, about 8 million people speak it as a second language, especially in countries neighbouring Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Small class sizes, expert instructors and individual attention make our German student exchange programmes highly flexible and personalized. When your German student exchange programme is over, you'll have a taste for life in Germany and motivation to keep using your German.

German more common than many know

Your German student exchange programme will help you gain proficiency in a language that is used in many countries and contexts. German is a primary language in several countries in Europe and a major secondary language in many more. It's used frequently in manufacturing and engineering because of the strength of some of Germany's largest companies in these sectors. A German student exchange programme can be the path way to study in a German-language university or a career in a multi-national company. By the end of your German student exchange programme, you will have a good feeling for whether or not you might like to pursue a life in Germany.